Duodenal Obstruction by Annular Pancreas in Embryogenesis Emphysema Cadaverosum (Fermented Cadaveric Dissolution) Degenerative Affection of the Semitendious Muscular Tract Detailed Bypass Surgical Procedure (Whole Vena-Cava Anastomosis) Blenorrhagical Spermatocystities of Seminiferous Tubules Insidious Colibacillosis of the Urinary Ways (Infectious-Inflammatory Pyocystities) Congenitally Acquired Retentive Liquid-Organic Hydropsia Analysis of the Peritoneal Behavior in the Pelvic Cavity of the Female Genito-Urinary System Insalubrious Formation of the Collateral Blood Vases in the Whole Gastro-Enterological Tract Infectious Pyelonephritis by Pathogenic Bacteriologic Proliferation on the Renal Parenchyma Collateral Amyothopic Sclerosis of the Bulbo-Rachidian Extension Congenital Tumour Constituted by Embryonic Tissues and Foetal Residues Forensic Evidences: Detailed Entomological Calculations (Rear Maggots to Adulthood to Identify Species) A P.M.I. Preview by Cadaveric Fauna Analysis Gross Characteristics of the Cerebral Abcess in the Early Stage of Development Malignant Intravenous Obstruction in Chronic Phlebothrombosis Hypothalamous Infundibulo Syndrome (Traumatic Cerebro-Vascular Accident) Abnormal Multiplication of the Diaphragmatic Tissue Cells Functional Abnormalities of the Cardiac Structures Involving Chronic Myocardias Large Intestine Segmental Edematous Ileopathia Affection Characterized by Inflammation of the Bronquioles and Corresponding Pulmonary Lobules Concrete Sablilized Within the Excreting Canal of the Salivary Glands C.H.S. - Chronic Hyperglicemy Syndrome (Diabetes Melittus) Hemorrhagical Affection of the Uterine Tract (TIPS) Trans-Jugular Intra-Hepatic Porta-Systemic Shunts Chronic Pachymeningitis with Diffuse Dura Mater Inspissation Inflamatory Fermentation of the Gastric Tissue Chronic Pro-Inflammatory Disorder in the Process of Himeno-Vulvo-Vaginal Auto-Disinfection Fatal Pulmonary Embolism: Hystological Analysis Impressive Hands-On: The Senior Pathologist's Autopsy Technique Abnormal Anastomosis Among the Diffuse Parts of the Arteriovenous Complex